get your jollies

get your jollies

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  • get your jollies — mainly american spoken, showing disapproval phrase to get pleasure from an activity or experience Do you get your jollies from wasting money on things you don’t need? Thesaurus: to enjoy something, or to enjoy yourselfsynonym Main entry: jolly *… …   Useful english dictionary

  • get your jollies — mainly American spoken, showing disapproval to get pleasure from an activity or experience Do you get your jollies from wasting money on things you don t need? …   English dictionary

  • get one's jollies — vb to derive enjoyment, obtain sensual sat isfaction. The gratification referred to in this phrase is often less innocuous than the lighthearted nature of the words might imply. ► It s not my Idea of a good time, but If that s how you get your… …   Contemporary slang

  • jollies — jol|lies [ˈdʒɔliz US ˈdʒa: ] n get your jollies AmE spoken to get pleasure from a particular experience or activity, especially a strange activity …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • jollies — noun Kicks; satisfaction; entertainment. I dont know if this is how you get your jollies, but its pretty screwed up …   Wiktionary

  • Music for Your Mother: Funkadelic 45s — Compilation album by Funkadelic Released 1993 …   Wikipedia

  • jolly — jol|ly1 [ dʒali ] adjective 1. ) friendly and CHEERFUL: Her teacher was a jolly lady. 2. ) OLD FASHIONED lively and enjoyable: a jolly conversation jolly jol|ly 2 [ dʒali ] noun count INFORMAL 1. ) BRITISH an occasion when a group of people go… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • jol·lies — /ˈʤɑːliz/ noun get your jollies US informal + disapproving : to get a feeling of enjoyment or excitement She doesn t think much of people who get their jollies from watching violent movies. [=people who enjoy watching violent movies] …   Useful english dictionary

  • jolly — I UK [ˈdʒɒlɪ] / US [ˈdʒɑlɪ] adjective Word forms jolly : adjective jolly comparative jollier superlative jolliest 1) friendly and cheerful Her teacher was a jolly lady. 2) old fashioned lively and enjoyable a jolly conversation II UK [ˈdʒɒlɪ] /… …   English dictionary

  • jolly — /ˈdʒɒli / (say jolee) adjective (jollier, jolliest) 1. in good spirits; cheerful: in a moment he was as jolly as ever. 2. cheerfully festive or convivial. 3. amusing; pleasant. –verb (t) (jollied, jollying) 4. (sometimes followed by into) to… …  

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